September 18, 2016

 hello, goodbye

summer is fading away and a very special time is coming to an end as well. i did partake in a further education programme for a few months and finished it just days ago. the last weeks were fantastic in particular and i truly miss all these special people from all over germany i was taking classes with. i've never seen them in person and hardly know what they really look like (i bet we wouldn't recognize each other if we met in the street) but their voices are still stuck in my head and i'll keep them close to me as long as i can.

being happy and busy i - again - neglected this poor old blog a little bit. my instagram is more up to date though and there are also some photos waiting to be shared with you right here.

happy week all!

August 27, 2016


i love late summer and its subtle changing golden light. i love feeling the heat wrapping around my bare legs. i love all the fresh produce at the local markets. i love the cities' emptiness. and i love the tranquil mood all around.

August 22, 2016

 day in, day out

this is the small ritual i established for my everyday lunch break: i grab something to eat, fetch a (conscience silencing) freshly pressed grapefruit/ginger/orange juice, rush through nurembergs streets, reach the pegnitzgrund, sit down under chestnut trees, enjoy the sun - and the silence. 

on my way back there's no way around some tea ice cream by 'die kleine eismanufaktur'. i've bravely tested nearly every ice cream store in nuremberg's inner city - and (trust me) this is the most comforting way returning to work.

happy week all!