October 31, 2012


i've never been a straight vegetarian, but i find it quite difficut to get excited about eating meat. during the last years i've tried a lot of different recipes for vegetarian food. some of the best recipes are written by yotam ottolenghi, a london based chef who got a lot of attention for his vegetarian dishes.

today i made his delicious eggplants with buttermilk sauce and pomegranate seeds from his cookbook 'plenty'. highly recommended!

October 26, 2012


what is there to do when it rains outside but you don't want to stay home? i hadn't been to a museum for quite a while, so i chose visiting the nmn, the neues museum nürnberg, which houses a permanent collection aswell as temporary exhibitions of modern art.

the building is an architectural masterpiece made of glass, cherry wood, concrete and white paint. its most distinguished feature is the stunning spiral staircase, which connects three different floors used as exhibition areas. i was overwhelmed by the brightness and airiness of the location and as you can see i couldn't stop taking photos...

by the way! do you remember the job interview in munich i told you about? well, i got the job! in about a week i'll be moving to munich – all there's left is to look for a proper apartment. tomorrow i'll hopefully find a place to stay. i'm very excited... keep your fingers crossed!

October 21, 2012

golden october

autumn is all around! i love autumn with its bright colours and its early nightfalls. i like sitting in my chair, a warm woollen blanket wrapped around me, drinking a cup of tea and reading a good book or listening to music that seems to be made for moments like these. here are my favourites these days:

fleet foxes
beach house

nick drake

enjoy your sunday!

October 16, 2012


today i made a beetroot soup topped with creme fraiche, radish sprouts and roasted walnuts. i've never cooked beetroot before so i was quite astonished by the deep red colour of the dish. the soup was warming my stomach and tasted earthy and wholesome – just right for a cold october day.

for serving i used a bowl that i bought from a berlin designer
at the mauerpark flea market. he sells his beautiful ceramic plates and vases only on weekly markets, but you can visit him on the internet, too.

October 14, 2012

something old & something new

the weekend before i moved out of my berlin apartment some old friends of mine and me were invited to a nice coffee and cake plus dinner by another friend (we all know him from school) and his wife. we hadn't seen each other in a very long time so there were plenty of things to catch up to. the most important of all: it was the first time i got to see his baby son – the first baby in our circle of friends.

being in nuremberg for the visit i took the chance to stroll around a little bit. when i think of nuremberg images of greyish industrial buildings pop into my head immediatly – but around the burgviertel with its narrow streets and courtyards, its thick stone walls and medieval houses you can get a feeling what a beautiful town nuremberg must have been in the past.

i'm already looking forward to december when the famous nuremberg christkindlesmarkt takes place. i can already smell the spicy glühwein and the delicious ginger cakes.

have a great week!

October 11, 2012

farewell berlin

i moved out of my apartment in berlin-kreuzberg this week!

i had been living in berlin for two years and now decided to move back to bavaria. berlin is a great place to be, so many interesting people, so much to do, so much to see – almost too much. i really like the free spirit of this city but a few months ago i started to recognize that berlin didn't feel like home – and never will. it took a little time to figure that out but now i finally made the step and it feels just right.

actually i had planned to take some farewell pictures of my favourite berlin spots, but all i was doing during the last few days was packing up my stuff and putting it in boxes – a lot of boxes. it's unbelievable that there can be such a huge amount of things in such a small apartment...

above you can see some photos of kreuzberg, mitte and prenzlauer berg that i made during the berlin festival weekend this year.

i'll miss berlin, but it's good to be home, finally.

October 05, 2012

an appletree garden

yesterday i was in munich for a job interview and since the oktoberfest is taking place these days the inner city of munich was packed with tourists and non-tourists all being busy. i've never seen so many people from different nations all being dressed up with traditional bavarian costumes. and though i really liked seeing the smiles and excitement in their faces i was quite glad, when my train arrived back home and i finally could leave all the noise and hastiness behind.

today was quite calm compared to yesterday. this morning my mum asked me to go pick up some apples with her. a little walk from our house there is an old appletree garden. no one cares about these apples - they just fall down to the earth and nobody comes and collects them. so we did. i think we will be eating cakes and tarts made of sweet and healthy apples for weeks!

autumn greetings!


October 01, 2012


at the moment i'm staying at my parents’ house deep in the bavarian countryside. what i like most about our house is that i can just open the door, step outside and i'm surrounded by fields and woods and mountains that all want to be explored.

so when i woke up in the morning, i looked outside the window and saw that the sky was bright and clear and blue and the first thought that came across my mind was: i have to go for a walk today. so that was just what i did all sunday long.

everytime i go for a walk i don't really plan or pick a certain route – i just start walking and see where my feet carry me. this time i came across a small village, a field with the last flowers of the year, some poppies and thistles. beneath the field i found a little abandoned garden with beetroot and cabbage and all kinds of pumpkins in different sizes and different colours.

back home i discovered that i still had some leftover pumpkin and decided to make a salad with roasted pumpkin and fresh goat cheese – so good.

i hope you had a great sunday, too!