November 28, 2012

 my new room

above you can see some photos of my new room in munich. my room is quite small, but at the same time it has very high walls and bright sunlight is falling through the window most time of the day.

when i moved out of my last apartment i said goodbye to most of my furniture because i had the feeling that it belonged to a different chapter of my life. now i don't own so much but it feels quite relieving. my room is like a blank piece of paper and it's up to me to fill it with lines and colours again!

tomorrow i'm driving back home. i've been so looking forward to this!

November 25, 2012

 on the market

in berlin i was used to buy my vegetables and fruits on a market just around the corner. here in munich i am still searching for a place nearby where i can do my weekly shopping. last weekend i went to the famous munich 'viktualienmarkt', which is very high priced and far too crowded. but it's a good place if you're searching for fresh regional groceries and rare goods from italy or france or if you want to walk around a little bit and fill your eyes with vivid colours and shapes...

wishing you a lovely last week of november!

November 22, 2012

 nymphenburg II

the first thing you see when you have climbed up the narrow stairs to the first floor of 'schloss nymphenburg' is a huge ballroom with dozens of crystal chandeliers, frescos all over the walls, golden painted doors, a floor tiled like a chessboard and lots of light falling through the large windows on the north and south side of the room.

i just stood there for several minutes, totally in awe, looking above, trying to catch the massive space of this room and the thousand details around me. you could easily spend a week in there and still find something new to your eyes. when you visit munich you have to go and see for yourselves!

November 18, 2012

 nymphenburg I

on friday evening i went to the piano concert of one of my new flatmates. her music was still stuck in my head as i was walking through the park of 'schloss nymphenburg'. now that it's november (but already freezing like december) the place is not too crowded and you can go there for a nice walk on a lazy saturday afternoon.

next time i'll show you some pictures of the palace!

November 15, 2012


a few weeks ago a stumbled upon a nice online store called 'luiban'. it sells pretty and unusual stationary products like geometric stickers, scrapbooks by the great label paperways or envelopes by le typographe that you rarley get anywhere else.

as i love patterns i couldn't resist and ordered a bunch of wrapping papers and masking tape aswell as a photo album - the first one in a couple of years. (since i'm using a digital camera i really missed the feeling of holding photos in my hand and going through them one by one,
so i started printing out my photos again.) let's see how long it takes till i cannot help myself visiting luiban again in order to look through all their little treasures.

November 12, 2012


time moves pretty fast! i'm in munich since a week now, but (to be true) my mind and my body haven't had enough time to catch up to that fact...

last week i was really busy getting used to my new home, to my new work, to my new street and to the new faces around me. i was quite overpowered by the flood of impressions - so on the weekend i needed a little time just for me. i wrapped myself in warm clothes, put on my headphones and strolled around my new neighborhood. there is so much to see – a whole new city waits for me and wants to be explored.

hope you have an exciting week!

November 02, 2012

in the woods

oh what a beautiful day! today i spent most of my time walking in the woods. during the summertime the forest is a dark place but now the ground is covered by thousands of yellow and orange leaves. it had rained in the morning and so the smell of damp moss and earth filled the air. autumn leaves were tumbling down beside me, mist was drifting through small forest clearings and every once in a while sunbeams were falling through the trees and made me cover my eyes with my hands because of so much unexpected light. sometimes i felt like walking through some fairy tale forest.

now it's already dark outside but my cheeks are still glowing from the fresh cold air. i'm sitting here, a nice cup of herbal tea beside me and i'm wondering what next week will be like. on sunday i will be moving to munich and it seems to me that living there will be like a new beginning. i'm curious about everything that's going to be happening...

sending you warm thoughts,