December 29, 2013


the end of the year is coming closer – time to look back on what happend all the way through of 2013.

today i show you some photos i took this year that you haven't seen before. in fact i get to show you just a small amount of the pictures i take in every blog entry (i can tell you there are a lot of pictures) and often not the prettiest ones. i always have to choose a set of photos that go well together and that means that i have to leave a lot of pictures out – even if i like them very much.

so please enjoy my little journey through the past twelve months!

i wish you a great new year's eve (i'll be staying at a friend's holiday cottage and we'll be spending a cosy and quiet evening) and a healthy, happy and adventurous new year!

December 22, 2013

 fourth sunday of advent

christmas is just around the corner. my family is finally beneath the same roof, the house is beautifully decorated and all cookies and gingerbreads are stored in tin boxes in our cellar. the next days will be quite stressful, there's still so much to do. my sister and i are going to cook our christmas dinner (a tradition we established a few years ago and a way for us to say 'thank you' to our mum and dad) and i'm also going to make a christmas cake (with guiness and lots of chocolate in it). but i know, all stress will be forgotten on christmas eve. and that's what i want to wish you as well.

have some nice days with all your loved ones and enjoy your christmas time!

December 16, 2013

 nmn II

winter time is museum time! this saturday i paid my annual visit to the 'neues museum' in nuremberg (and avoided the masses that overrun the christkindlesmarket). again i was very taken by the architecture of the building which is a piece of art for itself and enjoyed the new exhibitions.

afterwards i completed my christmas shopping at an alternate christmas market at a place called 'k4', nurembergs cultural centre which owns different ballrooms that are used for readings, film festivals, concerts etc. (i used to go there a lot, when i was younger). this weekend the space was remodeled into marketplaces for homemade scarfs and cushions, organic marmelades, d.i.y. dolls, jewellery and so on. i'm happy, that nuremberg hosts an event, that supports local artists and offers an alternative to mass consumerism.

December 10, 2013


this is the place where my sister and i collected some wild growing pumpkins on one of our walks. we used them to decorate our front entrance – actually i think, they're still outside, waiting to be replaced by some christmassy apples, walnuts and fir branches...

November 28, 2013

 autumn memories

here are some pictures i took on one of my walks a little time ago. seems to be a bit strange to show them to you just right now, because when i look outside the window all i see is fog and snow. tomorrow the christkindlesmarkt in nuremberg will be opened and there are lights glowing in the dark everywhere. christmas season has begun – but not on my blog. well, not yet...

November 25, 2013

 making marmelade

this autumn i made marmelade for the very first time. it's so easy to do and the results are so delicious that i can't understand why i haven't tried earlier. now there are three different sorts of marmelade standing on our pantry's cupboards: strawberries with vanilla bean, roast apple and plums with a pinch of cinnamon (which i ate today spread on some freshly made scones).

November 18, 2013


i can't believe how much time passed since the last time i wrote. life was keeping me busy and there is a lot to catch up to. so during the next days i will show you some of the photos i took during the last few weeks.

the days have gotten shorter by now. it's getting dark very early and everytime i leave the house i have to put on my winter coat, my scarf and a woolen hat which i recently pulled out of the back of my drawer. the sun hides behind a thick layer of clouds and the shiny golden days of october are long gone. looking at the photos i took when i walked through glowing green cornfields, makes me feel just happy. wish i could go back to that sunny day.

October 22, 2013


some while ago i took a trip to regensburg. my sister has been studying there – i visited her a few times but never got to see the town in broad daylight. i really am not sure why... regensburg is a lively university town, full of colourful houses, chapels, flowers and narrow alleyways. there were so many beautiful little streets and places that i wanted to take a peek at – it kind of felt like walking through a winding ancient north italian town.