January 30, 2013

 spring is in the air

today i woke up, looked outside the window and all the snow and ice had gone. stepping outside the door and breathing the fresh and mild air was so relieving after all these weeks of being forced to spend most time of the day in a room inside... still, some months have to pass until spring begins in our calendars, but today was the first day of spring for me.

here is some nice music i listened to while going to work this morning (with a smile on my face):

fiona apple
joanna newsom

January 28, 2013

 museum day

on sunday i went to the pinakothek der moderne in munich. i hadn't been there since the opening night in late 2002 – surprisingly nothing much has changed. you can still see a permanent collection of paintings by such famous names like picasso, dali, beckmann or warhol. but the exhibition that was striking me the most was the one based on black and white paintings made by a bauhaus student called fritz winter in the early 20th century. you can see his work aswell as those of fellow artists who experimented with abstract photography till the end of february.

next weekend i'll go for the museum brandhorst which is quite nice to look at from the outside – hope it keeps its promises!

January 20, 2013


i'm travelling a lot by train lately and so i always need something nice to read. i bought the auckland issue of the aortica magazine in a station bookshop and never put it down ever since. the days are cold and dark right now and looking through the wonderful pictures of new zealand's designers and artists makes me want to buy a flying ticket to the other side of this world straight away...

January 06, 2013

 between the years

the last two weeks i took some time off my job and my life in munich and it was oh so good. i can't remember what i was doing exactly during these two weeks but i slept a lot, i read several books, ate a massive amount of food and was taking up my habit and went for a walk nearly every day.

between christmas and new years eve it rained heavily outside, the soil was soaked with too much water and the woods were wet and all misty and kind of deserted – a good opportunity for being on my own, thinking about what happened last year and making plans for the next one...

have a great year everyone!