February 12, 2013

 a winter's day

although i know that i will never be able to experience a winter like i used to when i was a child, this year's winter came really close. heavy snowfalls made me walk through a winter wonderland nearly every day. thank you, munich, for a season that really felt like what a winter should feel like.

February 03, 2013

 museum brandhorst

today i was at the museum brandhorst, which is one of the nicest places i have been to in munich so far.

it's located directly beneath the pinakothek der moderne, but is a lot smaller and not nearly as crowded – i found myself being on my own in huge gallery rooms with bright wooden floors, high white walls, sourrounded by a very peaceful atmosphere.

i managed to see the current photography exhibition by hiroshi sugimoto as well as paintings by alex katz or cy twombly (the whole upper level of the museum is dedicated to his art).

unfortunately i had to find out that visitors aren't allowed to take photos inside the museum and my disappointment even grew more as i stepped inside the building. the architecture, the interior design and the very fine and well chosen collection of art is something i would have loved to share with you. but on the other hand there's also something good coming from this: you have to go and visit this lovely museum for yourself!

have a nice week!