April 25, 2013

 'linke altstadt'

salzburg is full of history and full of culture. you can easily picture mozart running through the town trying not to be late for conducting an opera...

i spent my day in salzburg walking through the beautiful old town, climbed up the 'festungsberg' and visited the castle 'hohensalzburg', enjoyed the wonderful view over the town and the alps, sunbathed at the salzach river, wanted to buy some famous 'mozartkugeln' but decided to go for my very first ice cream of this year
instead (topfen-marille).

next time i'll go and see the modern museum on the 'm̦nchsberg', which i missed this time Рand i want to see what the park of 'schloss hellbrunn' and the mirabell gardens look like in full bloom.

see you soon, salzburg!

April 14, 2013

'rechte altstadt'

salzburg welcomed me with a breathtaking scenery: the 'burg hohenfels' overlooks the town that is full of narrow alleys aswell as crooked houses. salzburg is devided into two parts by the salzach river (the 'left altstadt' and the 'right altstadt') and is surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

i arrived in salzburg early on a saturday morning in march. the sky was crystal clear blue - the sun was shining and was making me not feel how cold it actually was.

at first i explored the mirabell palace and gardens (first flowers of spring) and the university of salzburg (great piece of clean cut architecture) at the right side of the altstadt. then i walked across one of the many bridges linking both sides of the town and entered 'mozart city'...

April 07, 2013


recently i made a trip to salzburg, which you can reach by train within 2 hours starting in munich. you will be driving next to the alps for almost all of the time and i recommend you sitting on the right side of the train because the view is just great!

i didn't make any detailed plans for my visit but i brought a guidebook and thought about some places i definitely wanted to see. and fortunately i had to find out that salzburg’s inner city is so tiny that you can hardly miss any of its many wonderful sights.

next time i will show you some photos of the town!