May 27, 2013


today i had the most wonderful rhubarb tart for lunch. it was so easy to make and tasted just delicious. you can find the recipe in the second cookbook by 'leon - naturally fast food'.

as long as i can get fresh rhubarb at the market i have to try out a few more recipes. next weekend i'm going to make my own 'rhubarb schorle', which i love to drink during spring and summertime...

May 16, 2013


my work in munich ended in april and until i'll find something new i'm staying at the countryside again. besides finding a new job i've got plenty of time to observe how rapidly the face of nature changes during springtime.

spots i visited just days ago look totally different to me when i pass by the next time. everytime i see new colours and notice new changes and am fascinated by the power of life.

can't believe it's may already...

wishing you a nice and warm weekend!

May 08, 2013


spring is here and the world has its colours back! 

currently it's quite hard for me to stay inside. as soon as i see a little bit of blue sky i just have to leave the house...

May 03, 2013

 müllersches volksbad

this is where i went nearly every weekend during the months of january till march. i packed my bags, left the house very early in the morning and started the day by going for a swim in this beautiful jugendstil swimming pool not far from where i lived.

can't wait for the outdoor pool season to begin!