June 30, 2013


the other weekend i was visiting friends of mine in erlangen – a small university town not far from nuremberg. my train arrived very early in the morning and so i had some time left till my breakfast date and i decided to go to the local botanical garden.

the garden is located in the middle of the town and very tiny but packed with all sorts of lovely arranged flowers and plants. when i was there in the early hours, the morning sun bathed the greenhouses and flower beds in a soft and glowing light and made me feel like walking in a surreal world somewhere beyond our world.

June 29, 2013


yesterday i made a delicious apricot & almond tart that reminded me very much of having a sweet spanish breakfast at the beachside...

i found the recipe on the blog 'fräulein text' (the english version is by the new york times) and it definitely will be one of my summer favourites!

June 20, 2013


last weekend i was looking for a birthday present for an old friend of mine at a store called fachmarie in nuremberg. of course i ended up buying something else instead... i'm very much into patterns and so these neon coloured papers by rie elise larsen caught my eye immediatley. they looked quite pretty wrapped around the little initial rings i finally got for my friend!

June 14, 2013

 botanical gardens II

here are some more photos of our trip to the beautiful botanical gardens of bayreuth with their labyrinthine paths, their vast meadows with hundreds of daisies, blue irises and pink bellflowers,
their wild rockeries and their dark little forests. i can still smell the moist soil and the warmth of sunbathed wood.

these days it feels like summer has finally come for good and wants to stay for a little while. it feels like this year has finally begun to make sense, and everything up till now was just something, that didn't really matter, that didn't really count…

June 10, 2013

 botanical gardens I 

the past two weeks were full of rain and melancholic thoughts. the world was grey, the sky packed with heavy clouds that kept the sun from showing her face to the earth.

but this weekend spring came back and me and my family decided to drive to bayreuth in order to visit their vast and impressive botanical gardens.

i was so glad to walk in the sunshine and to see so many pretty colourful flowers after being forced to stay inside for such a long time.

have a nice week!

i have been listening a lot to iron & wine lately. enjoy!