July 30, 2013


i've been to many markets lately and saw a lot of handmade bracelets, earrings and necklaces. i kind of wanted to see if i was able to make my own jewellery and so i spent quite a lot of time searching through crafts stores till i had a starter kit. these are my first results!

July 17, 2013


on the day that i spent in erlangen, i also went to the mädchenflohmarkt, a fleamarket made by girls for girls. the idea is quite nice. you can stroll around around, listen to good music, buy cupcakes and drink lemonade in a little café decorated with fresh flowers. that day the fleamarket was quite packed and me and my cousin left early, but there was one market stand, that impressed me quite much because of the strange and beautiful looking plants you could buy there Рairplants. back home i instantly knotted some macrame nets and since then my new airplants adorn my window.

you can find a nice site about airplants here.

July 14, 2013


here comes the last part of the 'botanical garden' series.

i've been very busy lately and even now i'm just able to stop by for a moment and wish you a nice sunday! i promise to do better...

i'm off, enjoying the last sunlight of the day!

July 06, 2013


botanical gardens part III!

what a sunny day! today i grabbed my bicycle and made a trip to a very small lake nearby. during the last two weeks i was a little bit sick and had to stay inside the house most of the time. it was good to drive past small gardens and golden cornfields, smelling the scent of smoke and barbecue in the air, feeling the breath of the wind and the last sunbeams of the day in my face, enjoying my regained freedom.

have a nice weekend!

July 03, 2013


today i show you some more photos of the botanical garden in erlangen. i remember thinking that the landscape architects did a great job while i was walking through the stone gardens. they payed so much attention to little details – every corner was just nice to look at.