September 18, 2013

 aeg II

above you can see some more photos of the aeg exhibition last weekend. i remember, that it rained heavily outside while i was walking through the hall that housed all the sculptures. actually it has constantly been raining for about two weeks and i'm quite fed up with it by now. can't wait to get rid of all those misty, melancholy clouds and to see the sun again...

September 16, 2013

 aeg I

this weekend i went to an art exhibition at an abandoned industrial area in nuremberg. the buildings and halls that former belonged to the electronic company 'aeg' have been rented out to artists during the last few years and this weekend they opened their doors to the public. a show of the nuremberg art students and the apt institute was also a part of the programme. i especially liked the photography section and the sculpture exhibition (i will show you some photos next time).

but what fascinated me the most were the huge industrial halls. i liked the painted walls and the structure of the floor, all the little details that reminded me of what the space once was used for.

September 07, 2013

 through a lens

photography has always been a big part of my family. i remember that my dad used to bring his camera everywhere we went when i was younger. over the years he collected a great deal of camera equipment – until his interests shifted and he got more into painting and working with wood. so this christmas he gave me his old russian medium format camera with lots of different lenses. i hadn't shot film for a very long time and since the camera doesn't work automatically i had to learn again how to handle shutter speeds und apertures – i'm still practising...

for my birthday last month my dad got me an old canon camera and it's hard for me not to lay it down for a moment. i hope i can show you some of my analogue pictures soon.

enjoy your weekend!

September 03, 2013

 late summer

at the moment i'm listening a lot to the new album by washed out. one of the songs, that i like the most, is this one here. and atlas sound is currently on repeat as well. can't get enough of this song.

wishing you a lovely week!