November 28, 2013

 autumn memories

here are some pictures i took on one of my walks a little time ago. seems to be a bit strange to show them to you just right now, because when i look outside the window all i see is fog and snow. tomorrow the christkindlesmarkt in nuremberg will be opened and there are lights glowing in the dark everywhere. christmas season has begun – but not on my blog. well, not yet...

November 25, 2013

 making marmelade

this autumn i made marmelade for the very first time. it's so easy to do and the results are so delicious that i can't understand why i haven't tried earlier. now there are three different sorts of marmelade standing on our pantry's cupboards: strawberries with vanilla bean, roast apple and plums with a pinch of cinnamon (which i ate today spread on some freshly made scones).

November 18, 2013


i can't believe how much time passed since the last time i wrote. life was keeping me busy and there is a lot to catch up to. so during the next days i will show you some of the photos i took during the last few weeks.

the days have gotten shorter by now. it's getting dark very early and everytime i leave the house i have to put on my winter coat, my scarf and a woolen hat which i recently pulled out of the back of my drawer. the sun hides behind a thick layer of clouds and the shiny golden days of october are long gone. looking at the photos i took when i walked through glowing green cornfields, makes me feel just happy. wish i could go back to that sunny day.