December 31, 2014

 new year

i hope you are as grateful as i am for this year. for the places you've seen, the things you’ve discovered and learned. and for the people you’ve met.

have a great new one.

December 26, 2014


so this seems to be what my year has been like.

i remember exactly where and when these photos were taken - i remember with whom i was with, i remember the smells and the sounds that surrounded me, i remember my thoughts and what i felt like during that time. i remember the things that were going on in my life while i was taking these pictures, things you cannot see but that are there and forever related to them.

every year i look back and wonder what has happened to me inbetween new year's eves and every time i don't seem to find an answer. and then i look at these pictures, little details and cutouts, an incoherent summary of my life. together they amount to a greater picture and the thought that everything is changing constantly springs back to my mind. and then i realize that everything is different.

December 14, 2014

 rocks + snow

like cakes floured with icing sugar the alps looked yesterday. a promising sight for somebody longing for the snow to come.

December 06, 2014

 the weekender

last sunday i was standing in a bookshop at a train station buying my winter issue of the weekender realizing that i never have mentioned it to you before although it is one of my favourite magazines.

i like its unagitated way of telling stories about people and their way of living and working, their hideaways, their little corners in this world. i like its pictures, its smell of freshly printed paper and feeling its thick pages between my fingers. and i like the thought that it was started by two friends merely by accident and grew bigger and bigger so it made its way into a station bookshop where i came across it a few years ago.