January 08, 2014

 up on the mountain

once again: happy new year everyone! i hope you had a lovely time back then at new year's eve.

like i already told you i was staying at a friend's holiday cottage not so far away from where me and my friends live. the house is about 250 years old (as far as i can remember) and has belonged to my friend's family for ages. they restored and refurnished it 20 years ago and since then it looks and feels like a cosy french country house. it sits on top of a mountain next to an ancient castle ruin and is surrounded by coniferous woods. as soon as you step inside you feel at home... and the view is quite breathtaking. i especially enjoyed the spectecular sunsets every evening. we were a small group of people and spent our days with walking through the woods, cooking, climbing the castle's tower (i didn't make it quite to the top because i'm simply too short...), playing games, drinking lots of fennel tea and chatting in the evening. we welcomed the new year in a very calm and quiet way, looking down to the valley below that enchanted us with a colourful firework!