February 28, 2014

 goodbye (for a while)

like i said in my last post... changes are about to come. i will leave home for a while as my new job starts on monday. in munich. i'm truly looking forward to meeting up with all the people down there, to see how munich awakens during spring and summer, to visit all the spots i discovered throughout my stays in the past, to drink fresh beer at the isar or in a 'biergarten' after work is done, and to go for swims again at my beloved 'volksbad'.

but of course it's not easy to let go of my life here at home, so i spend the last few days saying goodbye to my friends and enjoy the first sunbeams of this spring by going for walks till the sun goes down...

February 11, 2014


i am so sorry that i didn't write during the past few weeks. life is going on so fast and there are so many things on my mind... i didn't make time to go out and grasp what is going on around me by taking photographs – and i really missed it... missed the feeling to just focus on what's right in front of me, forgetting everything else, creating memories. well, here are some of my latest ones...

see you soon,