March 27, 2014

 by the lake

the other weekend i escaped the noise and hustle of munichs inner city and made a trip to herrsching, hiked to kloster andechs and was blinded by the afternoon sun dancing on the waves of deep blue ammersee.

March 23, 2014

 a sign of life

so it's already been three weeks since i've been here in munich. and i have to say that i miss home and all the people i left behind quite a lot. half of my weekends i spend at home, always glad to see my family and friends. the other half of my weekends i stay in munich and try to use all of my time exploring new corners – or looking back into the past: this weekend i made a big tour around the town, walked through haidhausen and the glockenbach viertel, where i lived during my last stay, visited all the places that i know and that feel familiar to me. as spring is on its way i found bloomig trees all couloured in pink or white everywhere i went. such a relieve for someone not accustomed to being surrounded by plaster and grey business buildings...
 museum of egyptian art

there's no better way to spend a cold and rainy day than in a museum. this time: the museum of egyptian art with its completely subterranean exhibition grounds located under munich's film school. the perfect refuge on this utterly grey sunday...