May 27, 2014

 ami naito

i came across this beautiful paper installation in a munich backyard the other day. it's called "51.600mm paper wave" and was made by ami naito, a japanese-born artist, now based in munich.

May 25, 2014

 kitchen garden

as i like to see things grow, i'm dreaming of my own potager garden – until this dream comes true i plant and grow vegetables in pots and wooden boxes on our balcony and in front of our house. this year i hopefully will harvest some radishes and beet roots (i made a raised bed for this purpose), some salad, yellow and tiger tomatoes, and of course herbs like basil, oregano and tarragon.

after sitting in front of a computer all day long, staring into a screen and typing on a keyboard it is a relief for me to get my fingers all covered with dirt!

May 20, 2014

 rainy day

it's been pretty busy these days... and i can't wait for the week to end and the weekend to begin. my last one i did spend at home - again - and did nothing else but reading, cooking and walking through the countryside of the franconian alb while it was raining. it's really a blessing to live here. green everywhere you look, fresh air and pure silence...

May 15, 2014

 on the horizon

very near but still far away seemed the alps on my trip to salzburg the other day. i haven't been hiking in the alps so far but am very exited to do so as soon as possible.

May 10, 2014


this year i finally made it back to salzburg, austria. my sister and i walked through the streets of 'mozart city' under a crystal clear blue sky. we climbed up to castle hohensalzburg, saw the alps towering up on the horizon, ate hazlenut ice cream next to the residence while watching horse carriages rumble down cobblestone roads. close to the end of our stay we decided to give the 'museum der moderne' a try. we bought our tickets, took the elevator up to the m̦nchsberg (where the 'mdm' is located) and Рonce again Рenjoyed a fantastic view over this beautiful city!

May 05, 2014


...sitting on the floor, printing tote bags (above you can see one i did some while ago) while listening to rumours by fleetwood mac, one of my favourite albums.