June 30, 2014

 a poppy field

...listening a lot to this song by angela aux lately.

June 22, 2014

 royalty en miniature

above you can see glimpses of some miniature castles that are scattered over park nymphenburg: amalienburg (castle of electress amalie, bursting with gold and silver mirrors), pagodenburg (chinese furniture and wall paintings), magdalenenklause (grotto decorated with seashells), badenburg (castle with a swimming pool). - what a nice afternoon spent with a good friend of mine.

June 14, 2014


these colourful beauties lay very well hidden behind some greenhouses in the botancial garden of munich. i'm glad to have catched the perfect time in year to see them blossom.

it's saturday and i am so happy to have some time off. i'll definitely go to the viktualienmarkt, buy some good produce, cook some excellent food and leave all my cares behind...

June 10, 2014


the air was pretty hot and damp in the vintage greenhouse you can see above. my hair went all fuzzy and i really am not sure what i looked like when i left that tropical pond landscape... but i was impressed by the immediate change of ambiance as soon as i stepped into that room of glass, all bathed in light and at the same time saturated with moisture weighing heavy on me and my body.

since about a week it feels like germany has turned into a very hot desert... leaving the house is not such a good idea during the day, every movement is exhausting and water is your best friend. nevertheless my family and i went to my auntie's birthday party this sunday and had our first barbecue this year. i'm really blessed that my folks are such nice people. it felt really good sitting amongst them, knowing that i am a part of them.

have a nice week!

June 05, 2014


today: some photos from the botanical garden in munich. i spent such a beautiful morning there. will have to come back some day again, bring something to eat and maybe a book and just have a relaxed day surrounded by a wonderful landscape in the midst of munich city. i will show you some more photos of my last visit during the next few weeks!

June 02, 2014


last weekend i went to nuremberg's fourth supermART - an event that combines the ideas of art and consumerism in a unique way. 80 artists showed their work and sold them for reasonable prices. i strolled about the huge supermarket-like area, saw a lot of inspirational pieces of art, was especially impressed by simone karl, a graduate of the nuremberg art school, and also bought a little lithography of her work called "mikroorganismen 13". see you next year, supermArt.