July 30, 2014

 in the mountains

last weekend i went hiking in the alps for the very first time! the days after my trip my whole body was aching and i could barley move - but it was worth it. i've never experienced anything like this feeling when you arrive on top of a mountain. the air was still cool, wind was blowing, the sky was steel-blue and the sun shone on my face. it's true what they are saying: you get really calm at the sight of so much beauty. there's this sense of freedom all around you and you experience yourself as small and vain but at the same time you become very much aware of the world and your place in it and all the possibilities that lie at your feet. i guess i should do this more often.

July 28, 2014


the other day a friend of mine and me drove to the starnberger see in the south of munich and walked from possenhofen to feldafing. it was so hot back then... it seemed like all munich had moved to the lake to get some sort of refreshment. every inch of the shore was packed with sunbathing people. at least the sight of the alps offered the illusion of some solitude.

July 24, 2014

 adbk II

for about a week the academy of arts in munich opened its doors to the public and each art class showed what it had been up to during the last year of studying. i saw some good, some confusing, some trivial and some really great pieces of work!

July 20, 2014

 adbk I

very stressful times lie behind me - this is the reason why i haven't been writing for a couple of weeks. sometimes i wonder why people deliberately choose this way of lifestyle like they do - and like i do. i guess i have to do some thinking.

in the meantime i'll show you some pictures i took at the 'end of the year exhibition' of munich's academy of arts.