August 18, 2014


so these are the final photos of our trip to the alps!

after a long day full of hiking it was the perfect ending just to sit on a bench, eating a late lunch and enjoying the most beautiful view. next time we'll go for a boat trip as well!

have a good week - i'm sure i'll do, 'cause i'm on vacation...

August 06, 2014


my sister and i left munich very early in the morning and arrived at the jenner ropeway at dawn. the air was chilly and so was the ride up on top of the mountain. but the view that was waiting for us was breathtaking and worth every inch of fear we had on the way up. after a short visit to the mountainpeak we hiked down into the valley through meadows full of wild growing herbs, through dark woods, over rocks and alongside a crystal clear mountain stream. on our way we had warm cake and rhubarb schorle at a chalet and met lots of friendly greeting people. after several hours we arrived back in schönau.

a short break and then we headed towards the königssee that is at the jenner's feet - i'll show you some more photos next time!