September 18, 2014

 away we go

tomorrow me and two friends are off to some quiet days in the north. i've been waiting so long for this to happen but also know that you must not hang your hopes so high because nothing ever happens in the way expected. nevertheless i'm very happy to leave my daily life behind for a while and see something new!

i know i'll be listening a lot to these songs by junip while i'm away...

see you soon,

September 16, 2014


my excitement is beyond measure because by the end of the week i'm going to spend my first holiday abroad for like ages. i've already packed up my stuff and am ready to go. ...looking so forward to see the sea again, walk through the sand and taste the salty air.

September 10, 2014

 more bad windsheim

some more photos from our trip to the freilandmuseum bad windsheim!

September 03, 2014

 bad windsheim

i had a fantastic birthday this year.

my dad celebrated his birthday with a nice barbecue the evening before mine and so many friends and relatives were there and raised their glasses on midnight, kissed and hugged me. a very good start for the day!
in the afternoon we spent some time as a family and drove to bad windsheim to go see some ancient farmhouses at the local open air museum.