October 28, 2014


...see you next time, denmark!

October 22, 2014


these photos will be the last ones of my little denmark series. well, almost. i still have so many photos left but i figured that the place that was home to us for some days deserves to be mentioned on its own.

i had been to this small cottage before so i knew what was lying ahead of us while driving to the north. but i wasn't sure if my friends would like it as much as i do. i should not have worried for as we opened the door everything seemed to be just nice and warm and inviting and we felt at home instantly. what i like most about this house is that there is light everywhere. and that you can see the dunes and hear the sea that roars right behind them. and i liked lying in bed at night hearing the wood crack while storms raged outside.

October 18, 2014

 sand + dunes

i don't like to admit it, but it's been quite a number of years since i've been at a beach. i didn't know that i missed it so much until i stood on top of a dune, the sea in front of me, no limit at the horizon, and i felt some sort of relief inside. breathing always is a little bit easier while standing on the shore and watching the tide go in or out.

the first day of our stay i spent almost entirely outdoors. one of my friends is a kitesurfer and as he kited up and down the shore i was walking alongside the waterline. the sun was shining that afternoon (while germany was drowned in pouring rain) and one of the first things i did was taking off my shoes and walking barefoot through the sand. the water was freezing cold as it washed against my feet but i didn't care for i hadn't felt that much alive for a long time.

October 12, 2014

 moss + heather

on the first day after we arrived in denmark some kind of new ritual was established. every day i left the house very early in the morning with the two boys still sleeping and drove to a nearby village in order to fetch some bread and sweet cakes for breakfast. i knew i had some hours left till my friends would wake up, so i thought of little trips along the coast i could go for in the meantime. one of them brought me to a plantation of pines not far away from where we lived.

i remember it rained a little bit and i had to put on my boots before i went for a walk. as soon as i stepped into the forest it was absolutely silent. i just felt the rain on my face and my eyes couldn't stop sucking in all images around me. white moss and violet heather, crippled trees, mushrooms, young maple shoots, thick tree roots, sand and beach grass. and me in the middle.

October 08, 2014


i have to say, i'm very much into scandinavian architecture and interior design. i like them using wood and the colour white a lot, and i like the simplicity of their forms, which all have some little twist to them.

when you drive around denmarks countryside, every once in a while a lonely thatched cottage with whitewashed walls and small windows appears out of nowhere with a sign at the entrance saying 'gallery' and loads of pottery, selfmade candles or artfully blown vases of glas waiting inside.

on the afternoon that we spent in aalborg i was exploring the streets with barely knowledge where exactly i was, i just drifted along. after i stumbled into a little art store, bought a danish cookbook (i don't speak danish at all but cookbook language is kind of universal in a way), i finally came across 'hjelmerstald', some narrow streets that looked like taken out of a picture book and housed ateliers all over – and a garden totally made of ceramics. i wish i would have had more time to take a closer look. but i guess this wasn't my last visit to aalborg and next time i know where i'll be going first.

October 02, 2014

 sea + salt

so i'm back from denmark since a few days and still feel a little bit tired. one because of the very long and exhausting car ride we had to get over and done with. two because of the gathering of so many impressions i took back home with me. at this very moment i'm just glad that i managed to sort out at least half of the thousands of photos i took back there, so i can begin to share some memories with you.

during our stay me and my friends drove around all of north jutland and thereby made a stop at fishing ports like hirtshals or skagen that will be remembered because of their smell of salt and oil, their seagulls, their bright coloured boats and their wooden snack stands where you could buy scampis with fries and white wine.