November 27, 2014

 no. 4711

it's quite hard to describe cologne to somebody who hasn't been there yet. it's got so many different faces - you hardly could single out one of them. there's a lot of 70s chrome, art nouveau houses, industrialized buildings and in the center of it all, the 'dom', dating back to the middle ages. 

as i was in cologne for work i used my spare free time as much as i could and did what i usually do - i just strolled around, curious what's to be found around the next corner. by doing so i came across a great shop called schee, found a diner where you could buy warm belgian waffles, saw some pop art at an exhibition and watched how the sun sank into river rhine.

November 23, 2014

 stijl design markt

here you can see the tote bag i bought at the stijl design markt in nuremberg some while ago. it was made by chantal rasquin.

i thought it would be nice not to wait until the last minute but to do some early christmas shopping this year - i ended up realizing that this year won't be an exception at all. 

but while doing so i discovered some new enterprises and people whose steps i like to follow in the future, such as kulør, samesame and eva wünsch. and i learned of an online marketplace for handmade products where i might find some presents after all. it is called

November 11, 2014

 the forest for the trees

mists arose from the wet soil, crept through the trees, met with the sun and bathed the autumn-soon-to-be-winter-woods in milky golden light.

i'm very much into this song lately. can't help to whistle along every time i hear it.

November 04, 2014

 bonjour tristesse

above you can see some glimpses of halle in saxony-anhalt, a town full of broken windows, crumbled frontages and wired-in construction areas, that cannot decide if it wants to live or die. i was walking past the marketplace as i was struck by the sight of a tram with the destination „frohe zukunft“ written on it. once more i had to admit that the nature of things seems to have some sense of irony.

November 01, 2014

 to chase a rainbow

the other weekend i went to nuremberg's kunsthalle in order to see the exhibition 'off the wall'. i was slightly disappointed at first just to learn that indeed the best is saved for last. i must have spent ages in these two rooms designed by markus linnenbrink - the attendant already got a little bit nervous. but i couldn't help being fascinated by the fact that colours surrounded me from head to toe.