December 30, 2015


when i was going through my photos for this post, i was really surprised how many memories i collected during the past twelve months. it was nice seeing all of them and discovering some i had already forgotten. at first i chose a "small" selection of about hundred pictures - which brought me to the conclusion that i had to force myself to pick just one photo for each month. as you will soon discover, i didn't manage to reach this self-set goal... i don't know why i picked exactly these photos, i wasn't thinking too much. but if it's for me that is not only a well-enough reason, but maybe the best one.


the world was covered in snow and i was dreaming of far away places. i went to a lot of museums in munich and also payed a visit to its botanical garden. what a weird experience to brush snow from one's hat and step inside a hot house with all its blossoming beauty.


by the end of january i made a trip to walchensee and ran into a snow storm. as a result i became ill and spent almost all of february in my bed, occasionally looking outside my window, seeing white everyday.


march was a month of losses. i lost two people in the most different way. and i myself felt a little bit lost, too.


in april the world began to blossom again and i enjoyed long walks through apple and cherry orchards. i also drove southwards and stood high above the ground, the schliersee at my feet.


afternoon teas and strawberry cakes, honey making and sitting on the porch looking at the beautiful garden in front of me. i also visited my sister in berlin and felt like seeing the whole city in just three days. what a ride. it was also my first time being at the hamburger bahnhof and i finally made it to a pictoplasma exhibition - something i wanted to do for a really long time.


a very busy month. there was a lot of ice cream, i do remember.


in july i was drinking beer in bavarian villages and was very thankful for all the wonderful fruits and vegetables growing right outside the kitchen window, wanting to be plucked and made into something delicious. i also did some "art".


italy: picture perfect villages, the blues of lago di garda, a crazy dog named guido, the hot sun and baked courgette flowers. back home i enjoyed evenings at the isar and visited wasserburg - secretly seeking compensation for the lack of that certain italian feeling.


the apple month. apple pie, apple strudel - i even helped making apple juice. you can't buy juice from the store anymore once you've tasted freshly made one... i visited hamburg and south tyrol and was deeply impressed by merano, that i would love to see once more anytime soon.


tea time again. i was stunned by the fantastic colours this autumn gave to us. lot's of ceramic market visits, much to my wallets sorrow. and a little bit of wine making.


in november i was exploring munich and found hidden treasures, made soups and tons of cinnamon buns, went to early christmas markets and began to sew (and was ridiculously proud of my first results).


december felt like living in spring with summer just around the corner. no christmas feelings at all - but many christmas market visits. looking at my reflection this time, makes me discover that i don't feel lost anymore.

a new year is about to begin. strange, that people always need one particular time or date to begin something new. the truth is, that you can start all over anytime you want. even if you can't change things, you can change your thoughts and thereby the way you feel. in everything you think or feel or do: remember to be nice to yourself.

take care,

December 22, 2015


guess what i did the other day: i bought my first sewing machine.

my grandmother was a seamstress and pretty good at knitting aswell. as far as i can recall her hands were always busy and never stood still. she knitted pullovers and socks for my mum and my sister and me and also made her own dresses until her hands got too shaky. when i was younger she tried to teach me how to sew but i was impatient and messed up big time and immediatly lost interest. today i wish i would have kept trying. well, so i simply have got to learn now. i already made some tote bags, a gym bag and some cushions for a friend. i hope that by the end of next year there will be hanging some homemade dresses in my wardrobe... it's such a great feeling to hold something in your hands, that you made on your own.

December 18, 2015

 at the christmas market

the maerchenbazar might be the nicest christmas market in munich. it's quite small and every little inch of it seems to be made by hand and with lots of love. it's like diving into some kind of 'alice in wonderland'-like, odd fairy tale, with lots of old furniture, graffitis, painted wood, vegan food, circus and hippie stuff but without white rabbits.

December 15, 2015


what if it's winter, but there's no snow?
you've got to make one yourself!

November 22, 2015

 grey days

it snowed last night! each year it's a bit of a magic moment when the first snowflakes come falling down to earth.

i've got the feeling that this week was like a jump fast forward from summer to winter. in just seven days i ate my first homemade christmas cookies, visited my first christmas market and each night when i came home from work there were candles burning in the kitchen window, glowing and welcoming me in the darkness. later on in my room i always had to leave my window open so i could hear the storms better. they were howling outside all night long, but i felt so warm and safe under my blanket.

November 18, 2015

 look up!

sometimes in life it is important to change your way of looking at things.

November 14, 2015

 munich | schlachthofviertel II

the weather in germany is somewhat crazy these days. my eyes see autumn, but my skin feels summer. it's hard to sit inside all day long waiting for the weekend to come - with a crystal clear blue sky in front of your window. i try to go out as much as possible as i know that someday rain and coldness will be there no matter what. i also enjoy the last colours of that very extraordinary autumn we have had here - so many shades of red and yellow and purple and orange and fading green.

> a little piece of summer for you is left: here.
> and yes, i consider it as some sort of irony, that the neon sign in my last picture is broken to its bone.