July 27, 2015

 mango + coconut

first homemade popsicles! recipe by mydarlinglemonthyme.

mango, coconut + pineapple popsicles
makes 8

the flesh from 1 large mango, diced and frozen for 2 hours
the juice of 1 lime
chopped fresh pineapple (from around 1/4 small pineapple)
125ml coconut milk
2-3 tablespoons honey

blend mango pieces with lime juice in an upright blender until smooth. sweeten with honey and spoon into 8 popsicle moulds, then tap moulds on the bench to make sure the mixture is right down in the bottom. place pineapple, coconut milk and honey into the blender. blend on high until relatively smooth. divide between popsicle moulds, insert wooden sticks and freeze for 4 hours or overnight. run moulds under warm water to help release. enjoy slowly!

July 21, 2015

 days of summer

these days smell like suncream, taste like cherries, sound like sandals clacking on wooden floor and also a little bit like this.

July 15, 2015

 adbk nbg

the adbk is a little bit off nuremberg's inner city and resembles a camping site in southern france with its pinewoods and white pebbles and bungalows that seem to come straight from the seventies. it's a very peaceful place where you can sit down, have a drink, enjoy the silence, the sun and the crystal blue sky. or you can wander around from building to building and be amazed by the work of the art students that are shown during a short time in summer.

July 05, 2015


so there you go. this looks a lot more like italy than my pictures before. 

in the meantime a massive heat has overcome germany. it' so hot that i honestly think about taking cold showers all day long. and i avoid switching on my lights in the evening because i've got this weird idea that this would make my room even hotter. in the city the pavement is glowing. and how come that there's air coming from some cornershops that is event hotter than hot when you're passing by their open doors? how is that even possible? everything moves slower. and as there is nothing you can do about the fact that the world's aching and moaning, I'll now grab my new book and my glass with cool sparkling water, elderflower syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice, take my place under that shadowy tree and read with the gentle sound of bursting bubbles in my ear.

July 01, 2015


a small piece of earth full of flowers and surrounded by water. imagine the sun is about to set. it is summertime. you step outside your house, cross a little cobblestone road, take a seat at a chair just beneath one of the private piers and eat your dinner looking at the lake and the alps towering up behind it.