August 30, 2015


villages with small allyways, warped houses painted in the brightest colours, little harbours, lemon trees, pines and palm trees line up alongside the north coast of lake garda. they all have got one thing in common - they're packed with that same picture book perfect patina of history i couldn't get enough of.

August 27, 2015


it was adventurous to drive up to tignale and tremosine with all their curves and narrow streets and ravines. but once being there you had the most wonderful view over lake garda. if you're there, make sure to pay a visit to sermerio and pieve. both are small villages built of stone, that make you feel like you're fallen out of time instantly. i've also had my first 'real' italian lunch in years on that day. i don't know what they do to make their food taste so great. i enjoyed every bite of my pumpkin ravioli with parmesan - they sure are on my list for what i want to cook at home.

August 23, 2015


when i packed my bags for our short trip to lake garda i found some sand inside that had been in there since the days in denmark back last year. so heading down to north italy was a much needed try to give my eyes and soul new sights.

we stayed at a small town in the north west of lake garda. the landscape is rougher there and the villages are clinging firmly to the steep mountains that are towering up right behind them.

however, today i show you some photos of our only day trip to the south, to sirmione. sirmione is like some kind of italian disneyland. clich├ęs wherever you look, the houses seem to be built for tourists and - of course - the town is packed with people. but there's also some kind of magic to this place and i can see why people are fascinated by it.
everything's a little bit brighter and the sun embraces everybody walking under it. and when you look onto lake garda, water and sky seem to melt into each other sharing shades of that same fantastic turquoise colour.

August 14, 2015

 say 'hello' to

i recently came across this lovely australian magazine. it's light but not shallow, bright but also witty. i think it'll become a regular of mine. if you look for good magazines and live near berlin or munich, you should definitely pay a visit to soda. they have an online shop, too.

August 09, 2015


i was ill the other day and had plenty of time to spend inside while the summer sun was burning down everything in front of my window. i was reading a lot but got tired of it after a while, so i sought out some pencils and some paper and began to draw lines. i got so caught up, i barely noticed the days passing by.

you've got to listen to the new album by tame impala. i certainly did while i was sitting there drawing line after line. i very much liked 'the moment' and 'cause i'm a man'. at first i was fighting hard not to like it but i couldn't help. its lyrics are so melancholy but the music wraps around you like two warm arms and you're tempted to sing out loud no matter where you are.

August 02, 2015

 red currant

this is what i get to see each morning, when i look outside my bathroom window: red currants sparkling like rubies in the morning sun. and you can make fantastic cakes of them, too. that one here is 'a cake for midsummer' by nigel slater and has also apricots and raspberries in it.

sunday greetings!