October 30, 2015

 bolzano II

time is relative. some days can seem like weeks when you enjoy what you do and what you see. i came back from south tyrol with tons of memories and the feeling that i had been away for a long, long time.

seeing the photos of my last day in bolzano makes me think about new places to go. i can't wait to travel again and see something else. the world is wide and wants to be seen.

October 27, 2015

 bolzano I

from the top of the mountains to town.

i made these shots on my very last day in south tyrol. my train ride back home was scheduled for late afternoon, so i had some time left for a last day trip. as always i was up early in the morning, opened my window and heard the rushing of river eisack flowing in front of the hotel i was staying at. i enjoyed the best breakfast with homemade bread and a platter of tyrolese cheese and prosciutto before i left to catch my bus to bressanone station. it's not hard to travel, when there are so many lovely views in front of your window. a short train ride later i was standing on bolzano's streets. and although these photos make bolzano seem like a calm town full of green, the truth of the matter is, that it is full of people and full of life.

October 24, 2015


well, just look at the pictures, what shall i say... my fingers and the tip of my nose were very cold when i took these photos. and i was very happy.

October 20, 2015


the train left munich early in the morning. it was very cold and everyone else in my cabin was asleep except for me. i was looking outside the window, wide awake. and i saw that full moon i thought i had missed because i had to got to bed so soon the night before. a silver shining blanket of fog was floating over the fields until the sun rose and showered them with golden light. we drove through valleys and through mountains. and when i stepped outside the train, bressanone welcomed me with warmth and brightness.

i'm pretty obsessed with becca stadtlanders tiny little drawings these days. they all look like they were made for a children's book that doesn't exist, but that i would love to read.

October 18, 2015

 schloss trauttmansdorff

so this is the green oasis where sissi's path led to.

the gardens of trauttmansdorff castle only make sense when you look at them as a 'complete artwork'. and that means: from very high above. you have to climb many stairs and dare standing on a free-hanging staircase, but then you get a breathtaking view not only over the gardens but also over the valley softly stretching to the south where somewhere veiled behind the haze lies lively bolzano.

October 15, 2015

 sissi's path

the people in south tyrol have a nice word for the ways they stroll along. they call them promenades - very sophisticated. i don't know how many promenades i was walking while i was in merano. a lot, that's for sure. and i have to admit that i felt a little bit sophisticated, too - but most of all i was stunned.

i started sissi's path at the summer promenade, with its dark, shade-giving trees, crossed the bridge to sunny winter promenade and walked along the 'wandelhalle', where the spa guests used to sit during the winter months (have a look at my first merano post). i saw so many wonderful villas in obermais, stumbled upon a farmer's market and bought some perfect pear cakes, took a short cut through the gardens of schloss pienzenau, walked under palm trees and beside apple plantations, was blinded by the light and amazed by the shadows on my way, till i finally arrived at schloss trauttmansdorff.

i didn't manage to take a walk on the tappeiner promenade, though, which is a well enough reason for me to come back to merano once more...

October 11, 2015

 merano II

some more bits and pieces of merano's old town. next time i'll take you on a little walk that is named after a famous austrian empress. well, who could that be...

do you enjoy these autumn days like i do? the trees are about to turn red, yellow and orange. fallen leaves cover the pavements and i like the rustling sound it makes when i walk through them.