November 22, 2015

 grey days

it snowed last night! each year it's a bit of a magic moment when the first snowflakes come falling down to earth.

i've got the feeling that this week was like a jump fast forward from summer to winter. in just seven days i ate my first homemade christmas cookies, visited my first christmas market and each night when i came home from work there were candles burning in the kitchen window, glowing and welcoming me in the darkness. later on in my room i always had to leave my window open so i could hear the storms better. they were howling outside all night long, but i felt so warm and safe under my blanket.

November 18, 2015

 look up!

sometimes in life it is important to change your way of looking at things.

November 14, 2015

 munich | schlachthofviertel II

the weather in germany is somewhat crazy these days. my eyes see autumn, but my skin feels summer. it's hard to sit inside all day long waiting for the weekend to come - with a crystal clear blue sky in front of your window. i try to go out as much as possible as i know that someday rain and coldness will be there no matter what. i also enjoy the last colours of that very extraordinary autumn we have had here - so many shades of red and yellow and purple and orange and fading green.

> a little piece of summer for you is left: here.
> and yes, i consider it as some sort of irony, that the neon sign in my last picture is broken to its bone.

November 10, 2015

 munich | schlachthofviertel I

the area around zenettistrasse is a part of munich, that doesn't look like munich. there are a lot of bricks and industrial buildings and - since the place is sort of munich's meat market - things that you don't get to see much often. but it's also one of the city's cultural centres. behind every corner a surprise is waiting, a trailer park, huge paintings and colourful graffittis.

next time i'll show you more!

the car in photo #6 looks a little bit like a giant solero ice cream, don't you think?

November 05, 2015

 maple leaves

everytime i see maple leaves, i have to think about jens lekman for obvious reasons. i really like his music. it is so tragic and funny at the same time - it always makes me smile.

however, there's another song that really grew on me during the last weeks. i never thought i would like a taylor swift song. but i do and it's because of mr. ryan adams. i sing along to it secretly when i sit in my suburban train in the morning. such bittersweetness.

November 01, 2015

 faces of autumn

the days have gotten shorter, leaves come tumbling down beside me when i walk on the streets and the world is about to loose its colours. i have this urge inside me to spend my evenings with tea and a good book or inside the comforting dark of a cinema hall. i started a list with lots of warm soups and stews i want to cook and i look forward to the christmas season already, to its many christmas fairs and to hot mulled wine warming my fingers and my soul.

during the last weeks i saw many birds in the sky flying to some warmer place somewhere in the south, just to return home in a few months. please have a look at this video. i found it a while ago. it makes something inside of me jump and leaves me amazed everytime i see it.