February 27, 2016


i was staying in costa teguise but made several daytrips to nice places around lanzarote - such as famara.

famara is a small fischermen's village in the north of the island and one of lanzarote's best surfing spots. it is all white and blue (as you may have noticed), has tiny streets covered with blown away sand, a town square strewn with lapilli and lots of strange looking cacti, some fish restaurants and the most amazing coastline.

February 22, 2016

 yaiza III

what an explosion of pink! these flowers were so lush to look at.

i miss the sun and the warmth badly these days and looking at those pictures just makes me want to go back
straight away. can't wait for spring to come...

February 20, 2016

 yaiza II

some more green from that very black island.

February 17, 2016

 yaiza I

when the plane approached lanzarote and i saw the island again after 20 years (without any images left in my mind), i had to admit that it struck me as if an enormous truck must have thrown a pile of black rocks into the sea. it's a harsh landscape of seldom beauty - when i drove through lanzarote's wide fields of lava it was hard to keep my mouth shut. but there are also some green spots. palm trees and cacti are blossoming in the gardens, just like in yaiza, which is lanzarote's most beautiful town, i think.

February 15, 2016

 to the moon and back

i just came back from an island as black as the lava it is built upon, dotted with white houses, shaken by rough winds, with golden beaches and volcanoes glowing red and yellow in the sun, with amazing art and the best white wine.

above you can see some snaps i took in el geria, where the grapevines of lanzarote are buried deep within the shimmering ebony soil.

there's more to come quite soon!