April 29, 2016

 munich | glockenbachviertel

i thought i'd show you some leftover photos of munich today. i left munich in february and somehow i quite miss it. but who knows what the future holds and where it's gonna lead to!

so here's a litte flashback - a stroll through glockenbachviertel. 

a few of my favourites:

#1 soda books - best store for magazines and books (i already told you).
#2 kochhaus - a concept store i came across in berlin
for the first time. for all food lovers. and those who don't know what to cook when they leave work in the evening. i really hope they will open another branch in nuremberg.
#3 g├Âtterspeise - vintage chocolate heaven.
#4 wortwahl - a book and stationary store in reichenbachstra├če. its rooms are packed with so many whimsical things, i never knew where to look first.

April 24, 2016

 farewell, lanzarote

final set of photos from lanzarote. i'd love to go back, sit on the beach and listen to the sound of the sea!

today i took a walk alongside blossoming trees but right now it's snowing outside my window. crazy april weather. i still feel like i haven't really settled yet. it's hard to imagine but i haven't taken one proper photo since i'm back in nuremberg! so much to do and so few hours in the day. but, nature awakes and there's so much beauty that needs to be seen - i guess it won't take long till i pick up my camera. it is waiting patiently there
on that shelf in front of me...

April 14, 2016

 rocks + sand

the northern beaches of la graciosa: strong winds and a rough landscape. i've never seen waves so high.

April 08, 2016

 la graciosa

memories of gentle waves, sun on my skin and endless turquoise water.