May 26, 2016

 all white

this is from a few weeks back when the trees were covered in pink and yellow and white. now the colour green has taken over again and i enjoy my first day off in ages. time for sun and some good old music (bergen would be nice to visit, don't you think?).

May 17, 2016


oh boy, life seems to be in a bit of a rush these days. i started doing a further education recently and it's much more time consuming than i thought... but i plan on getting my life back!

May 07, 2016

 munich | kunstareal

some more snaps from munich! this is maxvorstadt with its many, many museums. so much to see and so many rainy sunday afternoons spent.

meanwhile: may has been super sunny so far and i try to spend my days mostly outdoors. i got my first sunburn yesterday - but today i'm gonna go to sleep with the smell of sun milk on my skin.