July 30, 2016


i don't know how but i managed to make some time to go see the annual exhibition of nuremberg's art students this year. so much talent in one spot!

oh! everybody talks about it, so it's not a big secret, but if you haven't seen 'stranger things' yet, you should do so. it's like a love letter to the 80s and their films. i liked everything about it. and how could you not be drawn into this?

July 27, 2016

 summer days

yesterday it rained as if the world was going to end. but in the evening the sun came out again and i went to a farewell barbecue saying goodbye to a good friend, who is leaving town. he has been living in nuremberg while i was in munich and now that i'm back in nuremberg he's moving to munich. that's what you call bad timing, i guess.

when i was walking home in the dark i was very much in thoughts. i was thinking about how this town would be poorer and that i would miss being able to call him, drink a beer and talk just like that. but then i figured visiting munich once in a while wouldn't be a bad thing and was something that i had lost sight of anyways. the air was quite chill but all the people were sitting outside on their balconies, candles lit, laughing. at this moment i realised, that i am exactly where i want to be. life felt easy and so did i.

July 20, 2016

 a cake for midsummer

i made this cake for the first time last year and it turned out so nice that it has become one of my regulars. 

when the berry season was at its peak i drove to a pick-your-own farm and plucked loads of dark red strawberries. they were joined by peaches and some blueberries and became this (very early) cake for midsummer. 

you can find the recipe by nigel slater here!

July 16, 2016

 a little break...

after some weeks filled with worked through nights and weekends, i'm finally coming up for some air. not having time for going out, for sunbaths, for swims, for reading and so on seems to have become more of a rule than an exception and i know i have to change that.

for this weekend however some very nice things are planned. i meet up with an old friend of mine, who lives in peru. i haven't seen her in years and am glad that she spends a little bit of her summer here in germany. also on the list: some time at the swimming pool and a little sewing project i want to do for my sister.

here's some music i enjoy. it sounds like warm and hazy summer evenings.

and i really like the paintings by amanda michele. she uses watercolours a lot - in her very unique own way.

have a nice weekend!