August 27, 2016


i love late summer and its subtle changing golden light. i love feeling the heat wrapping around my bare legs. i love all the fresh produce at the local markets. i love the cities' emptiness. and i love the tranquil mood all around.

August 22, 2016

 day in, day out

this is the small ritual i established for my everyday lunch break: i grab something to eat, fetch a (conscience silencing) freshly pressed grapefruit/ginger/orange juice, rush through nurembergs streets, reach the pegnitzgrund, sit down under chestnut trees, enjoy the sun - and the silence. 

on my way back there's no way around some tea ice cream by 'die kleine eismanufaktur'. i've bravely tested nearly every ice cream store in nuremberg's inner city - and (trust me) this is the most comforting way returning to work.

happy week all!

August 15, 2016


my dad left me his old cameras a few years ago, one of them being a kiev 60. he used it a lot to take snaps of me and my sister when we were young. so when i hold it in my hands i always think about how this camera has seen my whole childhood through it's lens. it is hard to imagine how my dad could carry it around as if it weighed nothing more than a toy camera though - it is so, so massive.

so here's a bit of this year's summer catched by my old camera - big and heavy and soft and tender.

August 07, 2016


saw the alps, had a wonderful night at tegernsee and a lovely breakfast with lovely people in munich this weekend. hope you enjoyed yours, too!