October 30, 2016

 danish greens

while showing you photos of copenhagen's botanical garden i myself am dreaming of south tyrol, oddly enough. i catch myself thinking more and more about those glorious late summer days i spent there one year ago. memories of beautiful merano, vineyards and apple orchards, stunning dolomites, green meadows and crystal clear blue air appear out of nowhere. south tyrol, i hear your call.

October 26, 2016


one of my favourite parts of copenhagen! there are boats and little flower shops, houses built of brick, the smell of the sea, beautiful bridges and you can reach papiroen (copenhagen's street food market) quite easily. just around the corner you can find one of the most talked about restaurants in the world: noma. you need to make a reservation ages in advance and will be served
produce of the scandinavian nature like moss and soil and grass. daring and exciting. maybe next time!

October 21, 2016

 københavn k II

autumn is here for sure and is not on its best behaviour so far. back in copenhagen i didn't have to wear a jacket and sometimes even regretted not having brought my sandals. most of my time i spent in the inner city, walking around, sitting down in parks and browsing through nice little shops such as stilleben, or bigger ones as hay house or marimekko. and i found a store just for brewery items and almost bought my one hundred thousandth camera - but didn't because sometimes you just have to stop. like seriously.

October 18, 2016

 københavn k

if you ever come to visit copenhagen, please just walk around the city! yes, there's a metro and yes, there are busses, but just for once let go of your plans and singled out sightseeing spots and just drift along. however... when you are drifting, make sure you'll drift through pretty streets with pretty houses like magstraede and snaregade and jaegersborggade and olufsvej and... to be honest, nearly every street is worth seeing.

plus: a walk up 'rundetaarn' will not only give you a wonderful view of copenhagen, but you'll also see the sea and a tiny bit of sweden.

October 11, 2016


pretty nyhavn!

do you know why scandinavian people used to paint their houses in such bright colours? it was their way to prepare for the dark and long winter time in far northern hemisphere...

at the moment it's freezing cold outside and i've unpacked my scarf and my hat and my gloves that had been stored away for months. i came to discover that they're very colourful, too, so my subconsciousness seems to work pretty fine, i guess.

greetings from me and my tea cup!

October 03, 2016

 glimpses of nørrebro

back from a short trip to copenhagen! i went just for a few days but it felt much longer. i think i saw the whole city - or at least my feet are telling me so.

i had tons of danish pastry (meyer's cinnamon swirls were warm and soft and just perfect), was nearly overrun by bicycles at least five times a day, was literally bathing in danish style and design, had a beer by famous danish brewery mikkeller called 'oktoberpretzel' (i strangely could identify with), experienced danish kindness and hospitality (found warm chocolate scones at my doorstep
each morning), admired copenhagen's streets, its small colourful houses of then and its futuristic architecture of now, listened to 'life of leisure' by washed out way too much and collected lots of memories that i'd like to share with you.

hope you are well!