December 30, 2016

 offen auf aeg

this set of photos definitely belongs to 2016 and so here it is. 

i know it sounds weird but the best part of each day is driving my car. the streets belong to me, i can see the sun rising and setting in my rearview mirror and there's this tiny sense of freedom. and for most there's music. i found a decent radio channel i can listen to without switching around every five seconds. these songs are being played quite often and by now they are quite stuck in my head and this is why my final days of 2016 sound like yukno, jagwar ma & harlea.

December 18, 2016

 gretas schwester // monkind

you simply have to love gretas schwester - i certainly do. the mind and heart behind the bright and beautifully painted illustrations of this young berlin label is sarah neuendorf. her watercolour world is inhabited by whales and lions, flowers and deserts. i like its vibrant colours, its lightness and playfullness. you can sense her love and thoughts in every little detail.

gretas schwester is to be found at crellestrasse in berlin schöneberg - sharing a shop with monkind, whose owner valeria not only was so nice to let me take photos of their beautiful place but also designs organic children's wear printed with the sweetest patterns.

December 10, 2016

 my sister's cat 

...being boss of the staircase (and blocking everybody's way).

berlin, september 2016.

December 08, 2016

 berlin, finally

pictures from the past. oh god, i'm so not up to date... just right now it's freezing cold outside. in the morning the world is dusted with diamond powder but in the evening it is like a giant black hole and my room becomes a warm cosy cave full of tea with almond milk, christmas cookies, blankets, magazines & films, warm light and warm thoughts.